Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taco Tuesday Creative Moment: Im Happy ...

My Happy Girl!
In a moment of bliss, (the kids must have been happily coloring) I wrote a little poem.  I did this a couple months back when I was thinking just how thankful I am to be where I am in my life.  Seems ironic since, I also posted about how the economy sucks and I am broke, not too long ago. Truth of the matter is, I am content, no I am happy! I have stopped dreaming of things that are out of reach and started enjoying what I have a little more. I think you get to a point in your life when you aren't constantly looking forward to the next Hawaiian vacation or trying to save save save for a better car or new Pottery Barnesc decorating items. 

I can honestly say, I am not trying to impress anyone and my kids and husband are happy so, why shouldn't I be? I am alive for goodness sake, I am healthy, so are my other family members. Why was I not happy for so long? I think it is because I was letting my emotions take over. I thought that because the idea of a big home with a super stainless steal kitchen made me happy, then naturally I would be happy living in a home like this. UMMM...not the way life works! I  was paying too much attention to what made me happy in the moment but, not what made me happy to my core. Through and through with a direct line to my heart, what made me happy was just being me and having the family that I have and just feeling the love! 

I recently listened to a podcast called TedTalks: The Social Animal By David Brooks. Actually, my brother-in-law had it turned on when we drove home from church on Sunday, so there really was no way not to listen to it. But, it struck a cord with me. One of the quotes in the Podcast was,  "Emotions are not separate from reason, but they are the foundation of reason because they tell us what to value". -Antonio Demasio
So true right! 

Anyway, I will get off of my soapbox. Here is my little doodle below. Enjoy and Happy Taco Tuesday folks! 

I'm happy to be..

I'm going to start by saying I am happy to be me…

I'm happy to be a Sunseri
I was also happy to be a Pawelczyk but, it doesn’t rhyme with a thing

I'm happy to have 2 children and maybe, someday, I will be blesses with three
Even if it is a puppy..hint hint  (okay this came true and just as an FYI, they are a handful!)

I'm happy to live on Sailsbury
I'm happy that life (and my parents) has made it possible to be

There was a time when I thought the world was down on me
When I though there was a dark cloud following me

I am happy that, my fortune in my cookie last night said “everything happens for a reason”
I am happy to say, that reason happened for me!

I am happy I was gently nudged to do more with my photography
I am happy I have a great family that has encouraged me

I am happy that I get to walk my children to school, because “its cool”.

I am happy that as much as I squirmed and stirred last night,
I had 2 cats, a dog, and a snoring husband sleeping with me

I am happy I discovered boxed hair coloring in my time of need
I am also happy to be scheduling an appointment today to have someone do it professionally 

I'm happy to be cold and using my pink snuggie, cause I'm not very happy when I'm hot

I'm happy to say that there are a lot of things I am happy I am NOT!

I am happy I'm not alone
I am happy that my in laws need a bigger dining table and a bigger kids table so my children also aren’t alone

I am happy I'm not working (according to my sweet nephew)
Cause that means I get to not work all day long when I am home not taking care of my children and not trying to grow my photography business…

I'm happy I am not materialistic and don’t need a pair of Christian Louboutins
And I am happy for a can of red spray paint if I decide that I do

I'm not happy my son is growing up and can get his own drinks
Cause what will I do without the title of “Juice Fetcher” on my resume

I'm am happy I'm not watching Dora and my kids have grown “too old” for her
I am also happy that when we go to a Mexican restaurant my son says Gracias and De Nada because of her

I am happy I'm not immune to the problems of the world
I am happy that my daughter cried last night when she was too full to eat her dinner and knew it would be thrown out when there were children with nothing to eat

I am not happy I am going to take my daughter to the doctor  today because “her neck hurts”
I am however happy she had to have kissed her daddy to get what is likely Strep Throat again.

There… I'm happy to have gotten my creative juices flowing today….


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