Monday, March 7, 2011

I Heart Faces; Best Face Photo in February 2011

A few weeks back here in California we had snow, and a lot of it! News reports said it even snowed in San Francisco. Well, let's just say, I got my kids all worked up about how it was going to snow at our house. They went to bed on a Thursday night expecting that Friday morning would be a winter wonderland in our otherwise rainy backyard. They were so devastated when the snow just didn't come to our house. So, the hubby and I told them that as soon as Saturday hit, we would go find the snow ourselves. And so we did. We went with 2 sets of friends and their children.  We packed lunches, built a snow fort and spent hours jetting down the hillside about 45minutes from our home in our newly purchased sleds.

I took this photo of my husband and my 4 year old son making one of their first trips down in the fresh snow. My poor little guy was so bundled up, thanks to his over concerned mother, that he could barley see where he was going but, he was full of thrill none-the-less!

This week the photo challenge at I Heart Faces is Best Face Photo in February. This photo was definitely my best face photo. Don't you think their faces say it all?



  1. What a GREAT photo. I love your husbands face and that smile on your sons face is contagious. Sounds like a fun day!

  2. That photo says 'FUN!'

  3. oh, that looks like it was a blast! Love the spray of snow and the composition.