Thursday, February 3, 2011

Joy of Love Day 3 ...makes me think

Today the Joy of Love photo assignment was to capture your loved one with the theme in mind of Then and Now.  Boy did this assignment take me back.

Six years ago as I nursed my daughter in a quiet rocking chair far removed from any stresses, I was suddenly struck by a crazy thought. See the Mouse was only 6 months old and the most precious thing I have ever laid eyes upon. I was sitting there gazing at her and realizing how upset my stomach was and how tired I felt. Well, more things started to align in my mind and I was smacked across the face with the realization that my life would be changing again very soon. Yep, I was pregnant again!  

That was a scary moment for me. How could it be? Okay, we all know how it could be but, I was in denial! It took a couple of days to absorb but I was soon thrilled with the thought of having another baby. Now, I realize just how blessed I am that my kiddos have each-other. They are only 16 months apart and they are each-others best friend.  I wouldn't have had it any other way. My babies love one another and we love them!  Here is their Then and Now photo. Aren't they cute!


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