Monday, April 11, 2011

Photograhy and more photography....

I have been MIA for a while. This I know. It started last Monday with my birthday which was also a day of sickness for me. I was home, in bed, trying to contain my not sick children, while feeling nasty and sorry for myself. My sweet husband left work early to make me some soup and bring me some Daisies (my favorite) and a get well card. He said he could not find a birthday card that would double as a get well card (go figure?) so he did his best.  Isn't he sweet?

By Wednesday I peeled myself off the couch to go take photos of trucks. Yep, trucks. Can't get more cool than that, right?  

I was NOT very excited about spending a whole part of my day trying to get a truck to smile but, I took the challenge. It ended up to be something of a learning experience and I put on my creative cap and used the elements. I think if you were into trucks, these pics might give you some form of a woody (that's technical term for, I think they will like them. :)). Not to sound over confident.

Over the weekend I had two sets of family photos, both were nothing short of a joy and included very small children, which is always a highlight of my day and thankfully they DO smile! Well, some of them only make silly faces while pooping that might allow one to think it is a smile when they view the photo after the fact. :)
Cute right? I love photography but, I still run across challenges every single day that I can not figure out myself. Nothing pains me more than seeing the photo I am about to capture in my mind and having it look SO not the way I planned on the computer. It hurts, its frustrating, and when this happens I usually have nobody I can call to say, WTH did I do wrong?  So far, my photography has been trial and error. Aside, from my college film photography classes, I have had nobody to teach me how to manipulate this very expensive digital camera. So FINALLY, I took a class/workshop this weekend. Boy, did I need to be out shooting with someone who lives and breaths this stuff to be able to ask questions on the fly. Thank you to the very smart and talented Lisa Richmond for the priceless experience!

The only problem is that I quickly discovered that I need about an extra $10,000 to purchase the new camera body and about 2 new lenses in order to have everything I need to take the photos I want to take. BUMMER! 

Anyone want to donate to my starving photographer fund?
 Stay tuned tomorrow for a little something I am working on to spruce up my back yard patio. I'll bet you just can't stand the suspense, right? !  I will give you a hint... I have blue fingers!


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