Monday, April 18, 2011

I Heart Faces - Wind Challenge

A weekend away at the coast was just what the soul needed. I thought we were too busy to take a mini-vacation but turns out, the laundry, lawn, and general bleaching can wait. We packed up the car and headed to Timber Cove which is just north of Jenner, CA. The weather was sunny, windy and just shy of perfect. The kids ran and ran some more on the beach and in the tall grasses (never mind the ticks they also got) on the cliff sides. We took a drive to Fort Ross which, was a Russian settlement between 1812 to 1841.  After touring the fort I walked around the back side to see a large number of Russian Orthodox Crosses  lining the cliff on the opposite side of a gulch from where I stood. 

I had to find a way to get over to these crosses. I am a sucker for anything historical and I knew this would be cool (yes, I wanted to be an archeologist almost my entire youth). So another couple minute drive and we found the most amazing little cemetery that dated back to 1812. There were at least 80 weathered Orthodox crosses all facing east-west, with head at the west, so that at resurrection one could sit up facing east, as dictated by Russian Orthodox canon. My daughter found the beauty in this place, just as I did. The wind whipped through the graves and the waved crashed against the coastal cliff just below. My Mouse found some wild Irises that were growing everywhere and made it a point to place one on an unmarked grave. Of course, I cant refuse a sentimental moment so I snapped this shot.

I love history, I love Irises, and I love my sweet, sensitive daughter. Oh and the wind helps too! :) Which brings me to the fact that over at  I Heart Faces this week , the challenge is wind. Go check it out, there are some beautiful entries.


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