Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Canning Jar Lights

I recently got a new table for my back yard that was passed down from a friend of the families, who made it prior to passing away last year. I put the table in the back yard and soon after my children begged to have dinner out there, I realized I needed some light!  I saw an idea similar to this in the Pottery barn magazine using Milk bottles and decided to make my own spin. Definitely not Pottery Barn material but, I was happy. This is where I got the blue fingers.

1. Purchased 5 indoor/outdoor light cords at Ikea for $7

2. found a case of 12 Kern Mason jars in the larger size at Walmart for $9

3. Used a large drill bit that would cut about a half dollar sized whole in the medal cap of the jar. Cut holes in 5 jar lids. i'll be honest, hubby did this part.

4. Found translucent outdoor glass paint at Michaels in a green/gold color and painted the outside of a few jars, $7. I did a bright blue also and it didn't look the way I wanted so I don't think I will go with that. I liked the green because it reminded me of the antique canning jars that were made this color

5. I screwed about 5 jars to the cord fixtures and hung them above my table. I had to play with the placement as to doing more of a tight bunch of lights or more of a grape cluster. Get the hubby to hang them from a plant hook and attach an extension cord to a socket for power. Turn on and be wowed.

Cute right? well, I liked my low budget creation anyway. I'm thinking of taking fabric to make a cozy to hide the cords or something.

Happy Taco Tuesday!



  1. That's really cute! Mine would never turn out that good.

  2. i love these!!
    and your Easter brunch (for dinner) looked amazing . . . i have to try your bloody mary recipe, too (:

  3. sooo sooo cute! I am doing this :)

  4. Did the lids have a clean, finished look to them when drilled with the hole saw bit? I tried these using my dad's old drill and it chewed up the mason jar lid. Could you ask your hubby what he did to drill through the lids?

  5. I love this, but could you explain the part about the 5 cords and how or where did they plug in to?
    is there a special outlet for outdoors? I don't think i could 5 to be together
    Just wondering before I attempt this
    thank you so much, and yes I love the green color.
    Lynn Zawojski Derry nH

  6. This I want to try! Now you can buy the blue reproduction mason jars. Thank you for sharing this!

  7. Like your design style.Keep it up your good work

  8. I am also wondering how to plug all 5 cords in?