Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer survival week 1

We have survived one whole week of summer, so far. I am actually (don't let my husband hear this) enjoying this whole no TV thing. I have found that while I thought I used to have the TV on for the noise, I must have actually stopped to watch it occasionally, because I am getting more done now. Weird? 

We went to the gym 3 days last week, which proved to be a great way to get the kids out of the house for some activity in the childcare center, while mommy tries to remove some of the post lent (back to drinking milk) pounds I have put on. I got most of the Mount Everest pile of laundry done so at least now I can easily open the door to the laundry room, which is such a weight lift for me! We have been listening to more Pandora and I actually read a whole book in one week, which hasn't happened since the whole Twilight Saga. Nuf said!

The kids have been doing a lot more playing outdoors, even in the rain, since our summer weather seems to have forgotten to appear thus far. Mouse has been reading more books and they both have done a lot of art. They have discovered the board games that have been otherwise untouched for about a year. Sad, I know. I forgot how much I loved Candy Land as a kid. 

 We also did something fun that was new to me. We LISTENED to a book! I had mistakenly ordered the Junie B. Jones audio books instead of the real deal and so we listened. And we listened some more. And the kids and I killed about 2 hours, laying on the floor with our blankets, listening to the books. It was so nice and it will be a sure fire way to pass time in the rainy weather. 

They look enthused, huh!

Here is the best part,...wait for it! When I get these 2 unused AT&T cable boxes back to the cable company, I get a whole $300 back! Yippee! That should help pay for some form of extra curricular summer activities to help us get through. I'm thinking Piano lessons. Up until now, the piano's only purpose is serving as a time-out spot for children that have not stopped whining about the lack of TV and are otherwise getting into mischief!

If there was a pouting award...he might win!
 Today, we started a new adventure, which my Jedi and Mouse have been eagerly anticipating. The arrival of their cousin (we shall call him The Monkey).

The Monkey will be joining us for the whole week, every other week, the whole summer. I am thinking we will be embarking on many adventures together. Firstly, we had to lay down the rules for the summer, so that we can ensure the tattling will be kept to a minimum and mommy can remain pleasant and happy. Here goes...

And that pretty much sums up the rules...

 Now, for today we shall play happily and begin our 2 weeks of swim lessons. According to Mother Earth, today will mark the end of the rain for a while, at least I really really hope so...

Can you hear the church choir singing?



  1. Sounds like you had a great week and have quite a summer ahead. :)

  2. You are amazing! Love your blog and your creativity. Thanks for taking such wonderful care of my "Monkey Bear".


  3. Keep it up. These are great. Can you achive these so we can put them in book later for the kids?