Monday, June 20, 2011

I Heart Faces: Let's hear it for the boys!;

This is one of my all time favorite photos of my boys. On a recent trip to the coast, and on a very windy day, my Dad (AKA "Papa"), my husband, and my son launched the kite. 

Okay, they tried really hard, had a few successful crash landings and one liftoff. It took them about an hour to assemble the very complicated spider-man kite and 30 minutes to wreck it. :) But, boy did they have a blast doing it. The wind whipped the kite on sharp upturns and even sharper crashes to the sand. My son ran around in circles, hooting and hollering with excitement. I sat in the sand and watched, snapped off some photos, and looked on as I thought about how lucky I am to have these very special men in my life.

I love them! Let's hear it for the boys, men, uncles, fathers, and Papas!

What a great challenge on the heels of Father's day! Hope you all had a great one. Check out the rest of the photos at I Heart Faces.



  1. Love it. Stopping by from iheartfaces. Always great to have a picture with papa.

  2. Love the light in your photo. Have a beautiful week.