Monday, June 13, 2011

Finding photo creativity

I struggle often with finding my creative juices while taking photos.  I love to get cool new angels and poses that don't look posed. I want to have fun and make my clients happy although, there are times when I am just not feeling it.  

Sometimes I need a boost and they just don't have the kind I need at Jamba Juice. I recently discovered Pinterest. If you have not been there yet, well go! Find it, love it, make it your own. I just cant get enough!  Anyway I saw this cool pin about ways to keep creativity in your photos.

                                                                                        Source: via Michele on Pinterest

I'm going to try to follow this... 
  • I already cleaned up my workspace (#2) and now on to my house, which might take a little longer.
  • I took a road trip this weekend and definitely documented (#23), more to come on that. 
  • I  practice daily as my models/children can attest to (#29) 
  • I turned on some crazy Pandora today (#5)
  • I did an honest self portrait (#13). That was a big deal for me. I'm not usually in front of the camera, so it was a little awkward, which meant I just didn't look at the camera.  
What do you think?

I have to work on #17 but im also going to try to spell it right. :) I won't be doing # 28 because I don't cut and paste and that is what my blog is for anyway.  

Well,  off to do #6!  

Happy Monday! Now, go do something creative.


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  1. You are beautiful and that shot is beautiful. I love it with a passion.

    This is a great list. I love #4. I struggle with this one. I worry that looking at and admiring other photographers' work, leads me to copy them vs. learn from them. I wonder where that line is and if I'll know when I cross it. Maybe it's a retrospective thing; you have to accumulate images and shoots and experiments and look back to see what still resonates, what sticks?

    #8 is interesting. I see this in other photographers' work but I'm torn. I don't know if I could "stick" to a palette. I think it goes along with #26 - I shoot how I feel, or how my subjects make me feel and I tend to edit the same way. I don't know how I would apply a palette in that mindset but I'm intrigued.

    #9 is definitely a goal of mine. I have a friend who is a graphic designer and photographer and I definitely notice an acute awareness of space in her photos. Not just the shapes of things but the shapes BETWEEN things. I tend to look at people and emotions, not shapes but I'd like to incorporate more of that special awareness into my shots.

    GREAT list. Thanks for sharing and please continue to share your journey through these creativity boosts. I may steal some myself and post when I get time.