Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shameless Blog Party

Okay, we have all done it and we have all lived through it. Some of us like it more than others but truth is, we all were happy when we got our goodies. Yes, ladies, I am talking about jewelry parties! I have hosted a number of them and I have been to a number of them.  I wear my pretties when I get my occasion date night with the hubster and sometime I just vacuum in my jewels! Okay, my life isnt that sad, I get out every now and again!

Anyway, all of us stay at home mommies are trying to earn and extra buck any way we can. I have started a photography business, friends of mine are doing party planning. consulting, pampered chef, cookie lee, candles, you name it, the list goes on. Here is the deal, we know how it is to loss our identity when we decide to stay at home with the kiddos. We no longer feel like we financially contribute and we are dying to converse with adults. So we start these little side businesses to do both. 

Another friend of  mine recently entered the world of stay at home mommyness. She has also decided, much like the rest of us, to go into business. She is selling Stella and Dot, super cute sparkly stuff!! I tried to host a party for her and I had minimal response. Here is the deal folks, you get to drink wine and shop, really, you can't make it?  Weird?! Anyway, lucky for you, I am going to do a blog party for my friend Patty!!!

Patty and her beautiful family! Hi Patty!

So here is how it works...
1. go to the wine cabinet and pour yourself a tall glass
2. have a little appetizer style snack sitting next to the computer 
3. Take a drink of your wine
5. hit locate hostess and type in Michele
6. Do some perusing around  (oh isn't that cute, what about that,  mmmm!)
7. think about how your mother would love something for mothers day.
8. throw some things in your cart and checkout!  
9. okay, was that so hard?  THANK YOU!

See ladies, consider yourselves very helpful to our stay at home mommies trying to get by. And thank you for welcoming Patty into our shameless self promoters and  elite club of crazy ladies who talk to ourselves and join PTC groups. You know who you are and I love you all!



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