Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Heart Faces: Soft and Sweet

Soft and sweet is the challenge this week at I Heart Faces. In my eyes, this photo encompasses it all with this 4 month old little boy and his doting mother. Makes me wish for another. Okay scratch that last part written in my moment of weakness. :)

HEAVY my heart is, heavy to carry,
Full of soft foldings, of downy enwrapments--
And the outer fold of all is love,
And the next soft fold is love,
And the next, finer and softer, is love again;
And were they unwound before the eyes
More folds and more folds and more folds would unroll
Of love--always love,
And, quite at the last,
Deep in the nest, in the soft-packed nest,
One last fold, turned back, would disclose
You, little heart of my heart,
Laid there so warm, so soft, so soft,
Not knowing where you lie, nor how softly,
Nor why your nest is so soft,
Nor how your nest is so warm.
You, little heart of my heart,
You lie in my heart,
Warm, safe and soft as this body of yours,
This dear kissed body of yours that lies
Here in my arms and sucks the strength from my breast,
The strength you will break my heart with one of these days.
-Edith Nesbit 



  1. Beautiful and really soft and sweet!

  2. sorry...but I laughed out loud at the "scratch that last part" now that is a soft and sweet sentiment... I feel exactly the same way!! LOL (:

  3. i can feel the love in this photo. it's so sweet and i love the soft colors! gorgeous. :)