Monday, May 30, 2011

I Heart Faces; People's Choice - May

I took this photo on Mother's Day this year, while looking at my daughter and feeling oh so blessed to be her mother.  It wasn't until I was editing the photo later that I had a flash forward of what she will be like as a mother to her own children someday. 

She sat in this chair in our hallway and cared for her stuffed turtle after our puppy put a hole into it's soft pelt. My sweet little girl bandaged up her baby and sang to it quietly after kissing it's wounds. Maybe all of us girls and women are born with the nurturing instinct, but I know my baby will be a great Mother someday. I also know that I am so beyond grateful to have her as my daughter.

So, this is my best face of May. My baby, caring for her baby. :) 
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  1. Lovely lighting, great capture of such a tender moment.. and people wonder why I always have my camera belted to me... :)

  2. Sweet story! I love the light, and the moment you captured.

  3. What a great shot. The light and shadows are fantastic.

  4. Love the light and shadow! You've captured the mood beautifully.