Saturday, January 22, 2011

Well here I am ..

Okay everyone, stay-at-home mom life has taken me by the reigns, and now I am blogging!  How I will squeeze this into my busy life of soap operas and bon-bons is yet to be seen.  Okay, we all know that stay at home moms really do stay busy, so I won't promise a ton of posts but at least now I can share all kinds of useless information with anyone that wants to care about all the craziness going on in our lives. 

Today, I will keep this post short, since I have a sick Mouse (my 6 years old daughter you will come to know), also my little Jedi (4 year old son) needs to return to the outdoors since the skateboarding incident which subsequently caused some chin stitches a couple days ago. 

note the chin
Once I get rolling and figuring out all of this blogging business I will be posting... 
Lucy (8 weeks)
  • Regular Taco Tuesday creative moments that some of you have come to appreciate
  • 10 on 10 photo projects and link you to my coming photography blog spot.
  • Countless pictures of cute Lucy(our new lab) who is now 8 weeks old as of yesterday.
  • Growth stages of the plant, animal and children life around my home. 
  •  Many opinions which we all know I have, I am my father's daughter after all.
  • and lets not forget my moments of insanity, silly kids, and daily acts of randomness. 

I cant wait to get started! 

Until next time my fantastic friends and family! Happy Saturday from your favorite hunting widow.



  1. Michele! Yay! Blogging can be such fun--mine is my version of a scrapbook since I am not a *scrapper* but check it out . . .i think my comment will allow you to link to it . . . xoxo!

  2. I LOVE this blog design, Michele. Great job. Can't wait to read more about your beautiful family.