Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taco Tuesday Creative Moments: Feeling inspired and ...not so inspired

Since this is my first Tuesday post I will fill most of you in on a little secret. We have a tradition in our house that includes mass amounts of Tacos for dinner every single Tuesday night. We usually invite friends, neighbors, or family members over to share in the grub providing everyone in our house is germ free, which has not been the case lately. 

There is also something else that happens on Tuesdays. For whatever reason, maybe the joy that goes with knowing a margarita will be in my hand in a few hours, I get super creative on Tuesdays. I have been sending out e-mails with little stories, poems, photos, etc. to family and friends on Tuesdays for a long time now.  Now all those poor souls have a place to go to see that creativity rather than being on my spam list. 

So, if you were wondering what any of the creativity in this post has to do with Taco Tuesday, wonder no more! Really, they have nothing to do with each other.  I just happen to love tacos on Tuesday nights and tend to have a creative moment on Tuesday mornings. So here goes. 

Today, my sick little mouse and I drug out the sewing machine and started to cut out hearts from old pieces of card stock, wrapping paper, and pages from books (Twilight to be specific) that I had laying around. Once our random hearts were cut out, we sewed them together in a long strip and interjected little quotes typed on velum along the way.  These turned out to be very cute an easy Valentine’s Day garland that we hung in our windows.  Mouse was happy with the finished product and I have to say I was too.                                                                                                           

One thing I am not so happy with is my lack of inspiration and creativity in another area of our home. This is the yucky wall that screams at me to do something with it. I see this wall every time I am in the kitchen or watching the TV, so basically a lot.  It needs something on it but I have been waiting for an idea to hit me over the head and…nothin.   

 I don’t take these things lightly, I want something that has some meaning to me or it is at least a cluster of colorful and interesting things. The room as of yet is dull but we all know I LOVE apple green so I would like to incorporate that somehow. Anyway, I am leaving this to you guys to help me with. Consider it your challenge. I don’t mind if you have to get back to me after your margaritas have encouraged your creative juices to flow. Just please HELP a girl out here!  Okay so with that said…. im waiting patiently....(tap, tap, tap).

How do you like them apples?

Happy Taco Tuesday!



  1. We have tacos every week too but not usually on the same day of the week, maybe I should make it a day :) Those hearts are so cute. I will be making them there 'apples' LOL

    Wish I lived close enough for taco tuesday!!!

  2. I have an idea for your walls. Because you are so wonderful with a camera-take beautiful pictures of maybe apples, flowers, or anything you love. Nature is always wonderful. People pay a lot of money for pictures like that. Blow them up and make them beautiful artwork. Bright and colorful. We will come over and help you choose the pictures. And the best part is, you can change them when ever you want. But make them unique.


  3. Have you looked on ETSY? There are some great wall decals!

  4. Thank you Krista! Do you know if they work on textured walls? I will check them out! Anything is better than what I have. :)