Monday, October 10, 2011

I Heart Faces: Raise Your Hands

This weeks photo challenge over at I Heart Faces instantly reminded me of a song I used to sing with my kids when they were in the very early stages of toddler-hood  and could not stop hitting one another. It went like this...

My hands are for helping
My hands are for holding
My hands are for clapping
when I hear a happy song
My hands are for caring,
My hands are for sharing
My hands are for raising
My hands are for kindness,
not doing harm
I control my hands
'cause they're a part of me
I have absolute control of the body parts on me
My hands are for helping,
My hands are for holding
My hands are for kindness
not doing harm

This photo I took below says to me just how much a child uses their hands to communicate. This little guy was only 7 months old but seemed to be using his hands to reassure his four legged friend, who was a little unsure of the camera. It was so amazing to me, the bond between these brothers at such a young age and how, without words, they still understood and loved one another. Makes me swoon! 



  1. I love the poem that goes with your beautiful image!!!

  2. Oh so cute. I am a sucker for anything with dogs in it!!

  3. What a great photo! He looks so small next to the dog... beautiful bond! :)

  4. how stinkin cute is THIS?! They look like they have the same expression too!