Tuesday, September 27, 2011


"Most people are in favor of progress, it's the changes they don't like." - Source Unknown.  

 I guess this says it all for me right now. Truth is, I have always wanted progress, I want to keep moving forward. A still and stale life has never suited me. Currently though, I feel like if life stood still for a little while, I would be grateful.

Progress has meant a few things for me lately that are somewhat hard to digest
  1.  Both of my babies are in school this year. Every day, 5 days a week, we get up, have breakfast together and I cart them off so they can spend their days with a teacher.  They grow faster than the speed of light and the thought that this cycle will continue for the next 12 years until they leave home for college, well it hurts.  
  2.  I have started, and grown my own business. That part is good! It has grown bigger than I thought it would. That part is also good.  I now have a business license, have begun collecting and paying taxes, and I am having difficulty managing family life and work life at times. That part is not that great.
  3.  I’m getting old. Enough said.
  4.  My dog has cancer and this means that time is passing and her cancer is growing. In a short time, we will need to make another hard decision to put our furry family member down.  I am reminded daily just how blessed we have been with her in our lives. To us, she was...
a crashed puppy!   
the adornment of our Christmas cards before kids.:) 
the "licky monster"  
a lover of all things water!

the protector of our children...
a giver of the feeling of always being watched, while in the bath!

a beauty.

a tennis ball chewer.

an old lady who moves with cautious ease.
You will always be loved Miss Casey Jane! Thank you for staying strong for us and for our babies for so long!

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  1. Michele, I'm so sorry about your dog!

    I will never forget when we had to put our precious dog to sleep--and then I went to dance class (probably with you!) after crying my eyes out!

    I love the pictures of her.

    Change/transitions are so difficult. I hear you on the work/mom/home balance thing, too! xo